Monday, 13 January 2014

The Summer Heat is Here

Apparently Melbourne's summer heat is arriving. 
We're getting the entirety of it this week, forty degrees plus! 
No spreading it out over the season . . . . . all at once.

In anticipation of the scorching temperatures, I picked some
hydrangeas, as they are sure to be singed in the ensuing days and
 am heading off to Jane's Flowers in the House where 
it is much cooler.

I love the way there are different colours and 
shades all on the same bush.

I visited a friend on the Mornington Peninsula on the 
weekend and pillaged her lavender bush to make some 
lavender bottles. 

They smell heavenly.

It was beautiful to be beside the sea for a while.
So therapeutic.

Tuesday, 17 December 2013

Christmas Prep

'Tis the season to be jolly…..or is it just jolly busy?!

Nonetheless I have decorated the trees, one real and 
one fake, made some almond crescents, white rocky road 
and potted succulents as gifts, grown Greek basil for the 
table setting and made paisley gift tags, rosemary 
stars and a shell garland. 

Christmas trees and new paper Christmas star

Almond crescents

Greek Basil

Succulents and gift tags

Pink and orange paper mache decorations and shell garland.

Rosemary stars

How's it going at your place?

Thursday, 28 November 2013

Garden Happenings

It's such a great time of year in the garden.Even 
in my tiny garden there is always something to enjoy. 

A bargain potted hydrangea from my local 
nursery is covered in blooms.

Fairy's Fishing Rods are just the most amazing flowers. 
Little papery buds, at the ends of long fine stems,
sway about in the breeze, before bell shaped 
flowers open. 

Strawberries are growing well on the balcony.

I grow artichokes not to eat but for their amazing flowers.
Not quite open yet!

Angel Face roses bloomed, worse for wear 
from all the rain we had at the time.

This sage is the most beautiful intense blue.

Miniature daylily, beautiful and edible,
great for adding to salads.

The purity of white cosmos is always a winner.

How does your garden grow?

Visiting Lou at Little Green Shed 
It's been a while!

Friday, 22 November 2013

Social Media

I've been struggling to keep up with blogging lately.
I decided I need more time for exercise and shouldn't spend 
so much time on the computer, as my eyes seem to get 
worse day by day.
So I have been hanging out on Instagram….
 @paisleysummer…… if you want to say hi.
I played around with 7vignettes and have found it a bit
addictive…... some really creative and inspiring 
people out there.

I made these hanging vases with brickie's string and test tubes
for the 'hang' theme.
It was something I had wanted to do for a while.

These pastel coloured roses came from the garden
 for the 'soft' theme.

'Stack' of terracotta pots now planted with portulaca.

On other news, I found these beautiful splotched violas 
hiding away in the garden….just love them 

…...and after a long time pro-crastinating….. I  knitted 
a bowl with a hank of sash cord I bought from the hardware 
store quite some time ago……nothing like thinking things 
through thoroughly.

Happy Friday and hope all is good in your world.

Tuesday, 15 October 2013

Back to Reality

In the blink of an eye...... seemingly......
it's all over. I have already been back at work more than 
a week and our fabulous adventure is a thing of the past.

My last two stops were Copenhagen, where 
just loved all the old boats at Nyhavn, or New Harbour, 
then London where I met up with Bel again.

In London we did lots of touristy things, 
like the London Eye, Tower of London, Changing of 
the Guards at Buckingham Palace and of course lots of 
walking and shopping (not much buying but 
lots of looking!) as well as a lovely dinner at 
Jamie Oliver's Fifteen restaurant.
 We were last in London when Bel was only 
three so it was like a new experience for both of us. 

View from the top of the 'Eye'

We just loved these guards!

Hopefully I will start finding time to visit you 
all I catch up with work and sleep!


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